Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just Something That Came To Mind...

A man once told me to enjoy my privilege. He said it with sarcasm dripping from his lips, and envy glowing in his eyes.
He wanted me to feel second guess the paths I've chosen, while he stews in the broth of his failures.
Such misdirected harpoons he throws as he stands at the foot of all of the bridges he's burned.
Consumed by bitterness, he does nothing to mend his broken wings so that he too might fly with those angels he won't believe in.
Instead, he dusts off a seat next to himself in hopes that he might find company with misery. And the man rolls his eyes at abundance before donning a mask of duplicity.
He winks at his own reflection through shards of his life...he thinks he's clever than most, even as the mask hangs precariously from his face.
All who've loved him stand a distance away, wasting time hoping he'll find joy after mending his wings.
But there isn't enough time in anyone's day. Bitterness burns his eyes, he can no longer see. And so he trips into the rubble of burned bridges.
He swats away the hands of those angels he won't believe in, waiting to die.
And die he does.

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Smile...

I've received three letters from readers of my book, The Dog Catcher, this week. This is a wonderful moment for me  because I get to see how the book has impacted people's lives.
As a writer, you want to know that someone is reading your work, but also that they are finding some reward having read it. These people inspired me to continue putting my all into my writing. The fact that they took time out of their day to tell me how much they loved my book is aces to me.  This motivation will carry me through. All of those moments when I think no one is "listening", this proves that yes, there are people peeking in on what I have to say. It's a good feeling. It makes me smile.

This new found motivation also inspires me to continue to press forward with promotion of The Dog Catcher. I have a few things in the works, things I wasn't sure would amount to much. Now I have the courage to to take action and see it through. If it doesn't work I can say that I  learned a new way not to do something.  Failure isn't an option...